www.earthalchemists.org Builders of a different kind...a growing organization of craftsmen building remarkable places.

The Earth Alchemists is a design/build firm dedicated to crafting distinct homes using sustainable practices. Our homes feature unique designs that are:

    • Enduring and Naturally Low Maintenance

    • Comfortable & Healthy

    • Energy Efficient

    • Environmentally Responsible

    • Affordable

The Earth Alchemists' approach centers on the idea that homes are far more than the sum of their parts. Our design and building methods are rooted in the local economy, in the landscape, local culture, and in the creative dynamic between artisans and raw materials. We utilize a broad range of knowledge, design tools and skill sets to build unique structures that strive to be both environmentally and socially responsive.

For green building to be truly sustainable, it must also be accessible and affordable to the majority of homeowners. We pride ourselves on cost effective designs that emphasize small spaces, raw materials drawn from local resources and the creative use/re-use of all types of materials.

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